Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tuesday Stitching

Rose has been quilting her stunning quilt. She's stitched-in-the-ditch on the straight lines, she's quilted round the circles to make them pop and to make it look really good, Rose has chosen one detail inside the circle, for example a tree truck, and quilted it... it looks brilliant!

Rose is working on this Jelly Roll quilt at the same time as the one above. She had been to a workshop not too recently, to learn the basics of making the blocks. This is such an easy pattern to make, I've put it in the beginners file!
Princess Jackie finished all the ditch hopping to stabilise her quilt. She wanted to try something different to quilt in the blocks so ... Points and Bellies it was. Jackie drew the lines on the first two blocks but, after only two she was able to do the quilting free hand, walking foot... not drawn lines... Points and Bellies is a bit like 'aim and fire'... you have to agree though.. it's very effective isn't it.
New Sue is adding a different style of sashing to her Kaleidoscope Stack-n-Whack quilt blocks. Her fabric is a delicate design so it needed a more delicate finish... I think we've done a great job... you'll see better next week as I'm sure Sue will have it all joined together by then. Unless she starts something new... she purchased gorgeous Christmas fabrics from My Very Own Quilt Shop... All the Christmas fabric is in now... I have lots shelves full and it looks fabulous!!!

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Dottymo said...

Rose you beat me to making the quilt. I have all the blocks but done nothing else. All the other quilts are so fabulous.