Thursday, 9 August 2012

Wendy's Quilt

Toot Tootetty Toot for Wendy.
Talk about a sharp intake of breath? We all did it at the same time... deep breath in and hoooooold....... and... exhale, with a whispered...
 "Oh WOW Wendy, it's... " amazing, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous... pick your own word for that bit, but the word is said with the outward breath... then silence hits as we gaze for a while longer... I don't think any of the words we have can fit this quilt.. "Wow" will have to be it!
Wendy really didn't want to make those paper pieced curves for corner blocks but she is sooooooo happy she pulled herself together and stitched them... This beauty is apartment quilted, the centre was quilted separately with the border strips and corner blocks quilted and added afterwards.... now breath out gently with your chosen word.... he he he

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Dottymo said...

Supercalifragalisticexpalidousous Wendy