Sunday, 5 August 2012

Gail's Quilt

Gail brought in her latest finish, Toot Toot Toot for Gail. This lap quilt was made from a Jelly Roll and a bit of background fabric, isn't it lovely! The pattern is in one of the many Jelly Roll books that are available now (I happen to have them in My very own quilt shop actually! wooohoooo)
Saturday Sew Days are very relaxed.
You can bring along any project that you want to work on. Maybe you're looking for a bit of 'piece and quiet' ( yes I know it's not the right piece, it works  for me though) to get on with your stitching or maybe you're needing a helping hand, advice or fabric... of course I can help if you need fabric.
This is Gail's new project... a Baby Play Mat (Quilt).
This framed square design is great for kiddie quilts, you can make the centre squares any size you like so that you can use picture fabric without cutting heads and tails off. By the end of the day these blocks were stitched together and framed with the very useful, Mr. Black... are you shocked? Don't be, it looks great, I'll show you next time Gail comes to my very own classroom... actually, next time will be Thursday for the 4th Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope workshop, so she might not bring it.. soon though, we'll see it soon.
Sheila finished a spectacular Mat & Ruler Bag and lots of ladies came for project support, that's why there aren't any more pictures! My excuse, and I will stick with it!

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