Friday, 24 August 2012

Classroom News

Generally, Thursdays are quite steady days in My Very Own Classroom, which is a good thing when there's a large sandwich needing needing making over all of the tables. This Kaleidoscope sandwich belongs to Brenda Barbara... I don't think we'll ever tire of seeing the lovely results of the Stack-n-Whack quilts, how many times can we say, "This One's My Favourite!!!" it's a good job we don't need to choose eh... what a dilemma that would be.

Sheila had purchased these red fabrics and one of the Tilda Christmas books a few weeks ago, from My Very Own Patchwork and Quilting Shop where we have loads of books on a rather clever spinning display thing that I'm quite proud of, he he... It was delivered free of charge because I placed my fist order of  over 80 books... I love free stuff!!
As usual, Sheila wasted no time at all in making these Jolly Fellows from the book. Apparently the book says to add the interfacing to the dress fabric first of all, Sheila highly recommends getting the stitched sleeves in place before ironing on the interfacing... a top tip... thank you Sheila! I have them displayed in My Very Own Shop should you would like to pop over to see them.

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