Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Tuesday Stitching

 Krafty Karen joined her two quilted kaleidoscope halves together, it was quite tricky with the corner stones needing to be lined up with no extra fabric to fudge with, but it worked out fine. She's started to piece together all the components of the borders, they will be quilted and added next. Such happy, bright colours, this quilt would make anyone smile.
Last, but not least of my 2 photographs (actually I took 9 photos, but they were all of these two quilts, tee hee) This quilt top belongs to Lovely Lyn, remember she couldn't understand the setting triangles last week... obviously she gets it now... I'm wondering whether "Rescued Rouge Roller Coaster" might be a good name for Lyn's quilt when it's finished, what do you think?
It's going to be sandwiched at Caverswall Quilt Cave later today.


Dottymo said...

Beautiful. Love the diagonal setting.

Maggi said...

Both are looking lovely