Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Monday Classroom

More and more people are starting to make Christmas themed projects these days. Judith purchased a Moda Charm Pack and decided to join all the squares together. Sometimes the most simple of designs is perfect. These were all stitched together by the end of the day and borders will be added as homework.
Penelope Baskeville finished her very own Mat and Ruler Bag, isn't it beautiful. It's got amazing free motion quilting all over both the front and the back panels, it's been great practice for Penelope's future quilted projects, which was the original idea when I decided to design the bag in the first place.
PM Pam has almost finished 5 cushions now, this one being the fifth block... the thing is, Pam had more fabric bit's to be used up, so... number 6 has been planned already... purchasing a new sofa to house all of the wonderful cushions would be a little extreme wouldn't it?
We had three of the new ladies sandwich and start quilting their Rail fence quilts... this one belongs to Carole, it will be a wall hanging. See the little white thing entering the picture from the bottom left? thats a magic eye, he he... actually it's a bendy light from Ikea... black thread is hard to see so we have this gadget on hand to help out.

Pauline quilted the centre of her quilt by shadowing the Railfence design, as do most beginners, it's easier than 'Stitching In The Ditch' or better, 'Ditch Hopping' as it's come to be known in these 'ere parts, ha ha

Gleny's also sandwiched and started to quilt her quilt. She had a little fight with her machine breaking the thread, but she kept her cool.
All three quilts are exactly the same, made with the same measurements yet, all three look so completely different don't they. Binding next week wooohooo!

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