Monday, 20 August 2012

Friday Quilt Club

Joan The Shop has, very much, been bitten with the Stack-n-Whack bug... every fabric she looks at now is considered for 'the chop'. This beautiful lilac floral was no exception... Joan made two of these dainty Kaleidoscope cushions and donated them towards a charity event... I have a sneaky suspicion that she will be the one buying them too! tee hee
It was the Festival of Quilts this week. Dotty Maureen had treated herself to a Master Class in Kaleidoscope making... turned out to be the same method that I teach at My Very Own Quilt Shop, well... the Stack-n-Whack part... as you can see, Dotty cut different triangles, 60 degree I think, in different sizes.
Jolly Jo joined us, she's making these blocks ready for an enormously long table runner... but when she placed them side by side, as you see in the picture... she found herself wondering whether there was enough fabric to make a few more blocks for a quilt... all thoughts perfectly normal eh!

You must have noticed the lack of blog posts over the weekend... So much fabric came in this last week that I have had to completely re-arrange all of the other bolts on the shelves, so... if you come to my very own patchwork and quilting shop this week... you probably won't be able to find anything! I'm not sure I have ever seen quite so much Christmas fabric all at the same time... hours of work, that was Saturday and I went to the quilt show on Sunday, yesterday... what a treat that was! Did you find time to visit?

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Maggi said...

Glad you found time to get to the show, hope you enjoyed it.