Saturday, 4 August 2012

Friday Quilt Club

Late Sue's cracking on with her Kaleidoscope blocks. The pattern repeat on her chosen fabric was only about 8" so her blocks are smaller than most of the others you've seen... just as Kaleidoscope-y as every one else's as the action happens mostly in the centres.

Helen and Maid Marion are grinning like Cheshire cats these days. They have reached the stage for trimming up the various blocks and stitching them together.
This one belongs to Maid Marion... she's being very crafty and waiting for Helen to sort out the instructions before she stitches anything, clever lady eh...
 This is a picture of Helen's Heirlooom quilt, My camera decided to make a thick grey line through the bottom of the picture... (that's why it's a bit chopped off Helen, sorry).. but I think you can see how brilliant it is, the quilt not the picture... nor the shop in the background but I must say, it does look rather good there in the background!!! Did I tell you that I have my Very Own Quilt Shop?? he he

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