Thursday, 9 February 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave, part 1

Joan The Shop gifted her purple quilt to Helen already and moved on to a new project. Not that she finished the one she started a few weeks ago, remember the chocolate fish? Joan likes to work on a few quilts at the same time... that's fine, some folk like it that way. I'm watching carefully as this quilt has been near the top of my 'To Do' list for a few months now. I gave a quick refresher demonstration of how to make multiple Half Square Triangle (HST) blocks at the same time, which will come in handy for Joan quite soon.

Lizi started her last set of Log Cabin blocks. First she had a query  about her logs looking a little bit bent. I carefully scrutinised, measured and pondered... most of them I could not see at all and the odd veeeeeeery slightly bent log soon straightened up when the next log was added. Lizi is determined to have these quilt blocks turn out perfectly and she's succeeding, it's going to be a stunning quilt!

Last week, Jolly Jo had not really enjoyed using the starch and press your fingers method of turning the seams ready to be invisibly appliquéd. Table Top Shop had just taken delivery of a full display of Sewline items, one of which was the Sewline Glue Stick. Jo purchased one to try and was super impressed with it. She made great progress with the preparation of all the elements of her appliqué picture... she bought a glue stick refill, to be sure she didn't run out, and went home full of good intention!

Dotty Maureen now holds the Caverswall Quilt Cave record for making the smallest sandwich, she still took up two tables though, he he he. She seems to be enjoying making table runners and table mats of late. After seeing Annie Pie's twister project Dotty played around and made a set these, with only 4 small twisters... she will need to search for transparent plates so her guests can see how fabulous their table mat is!

Chatty Cathy is working her way through the blocks in Alex Anderson's beginner book. She wants to practice and perfect her cutting and piecing skills using up her scraps, before purchasing what she calls 'good' fabrics. The practice is paying off, this block was very successful. Cathy has a few projects in mind, in fact she has quite a long list!! who doesn't? We ordered her new sewing machine too... there'll be no stopping her once it arrives, Cathy will be able to sew with straight feeding feed-dogs... that's gotta help eh!
Annie Pie continued with her Chocolate theme. This is a Ten Minute Block of Chocolate quilt, ha ha ha. She's not calling it that, it's just something that I'm thinking ... but it's good eh, and Yummy! Annie will 'Cathedral-ly' turn the edges of those centre white chocolate bits to make them more curvy... with coffee coloured chocolate squares in the centre... is your mouth watering too?

We meet again on Friday 10th February... tomorrow! Please Please remember that you can bring your sewing machines (and any other portable appliance you care to have tested) The PAT Testing Man will be available between 11am and mid-day. £2 per machine, including the cable this time!

6:40am... Oh dear, I just watched the weather man give a local forecast... we might get snowed in over night! I'll have to keep an eye on that. 

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Becky said...

LOVE Annie Pies Chocolate theme! It absolutely POPS off my screen!