Friday, 3 February 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Joan The Shop had a Toot Toot Toot moment on Wednesday... she finished all all all of the quilting on the last third of her huge purple quilt, it was inspired by my "Lilly's Colours" quilt... wonder whether this will be called "Helen's Colours"? Joining the thirds together with the apartment method calls for some careful trimming, so that's yours truly there doing the trimming... Joan played chicken! She's sooooo happy to be finishing this project.
Chatty Cathy has been trying out a new sewing machine. I had a good look at her trusty old machine and figured out why she was struggling to sew straight lines... you know, her feed-dogs were ski-whiff... they were feeding the fabric on a very slight diagonal, no wonder she struggled eh... see how accurately this block turned out using a machine that sews straight! More trying out is to be done before a decision is made about a new machine, but she's getting there.

Jolly Jo has started a beautiful but quite complex appliquĂ© project, millions of petals and leaves with birds and berries! Each piece has a piece of freezer paper template and Jo is in the process of starch basting the seam allowance in place... it's a great job for burning those fingers... ask Jo, she can tell you all about it! ha ha ha

Krafty Karen continued to free motion quilt her doggy's project. She finished meandering over all the paler parts, tied off all the ends and started the green Chrndash areas using a rather funky Rainbows thread. It's coming along a treat...
Lacey Anne came to play too, we haven't had the pleasure of her company for ages, it was like having a new girl in class, for 5 minutes at least... she soon 'slotted in' he he he. She's making a birthday quilt for her baby grand daughter, multicoloured balloons were added and some very pretty bunting hung over the cake by the end of our day.

Annie Pie made three small sandwiches, once Dotty had finished making hers. If you remember, Annie is calling these wreath style quilts "Circle Of Life" .... this must be the chocolate circle of life... of course!! what's life without chocolate! ha ha ha... imagine the fun (and hip wobble!), circles have no end... yummy!!!
We meet again later today, 3rd February. 10am - 3pm, wrap up warm if you're leaving home won't you!!

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