Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Uttoxeter Quilt Class, Jenni's Quilt.

Jenni had been working on this red and cream quilt for quite a long time. She'd never allow me to help her, she used to say that if I did, she would finish it faster and so get to the quilting part, which she didn't really enjoy doing... though, once she got started on it, she was fine. Jenni was quite suddenly taken very poorly at the end of last year and has been diagnosed with an inoperable, advanced brain tumour.
She's still with us but extremely poorly, most of the quilting had been done and I finished quilting the stars over the weekend. Today at Quilt Class we started the morning gathered around the table to tie off all the threads... Jenni had left that job to be done last thing!... but it didn't take us long to sort them all out. At least Jenni will get to enjoy all her hard work, even if it's only for a short while. Her friend will deliver Jenni's quilt tomorrow, along with photo's of us all working for her... Jenni's sure to manage a smile when she sees what we've been up to.

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Maggi said...

A lovely quilt Angie and how lovely that you all joined in to finish it. Such very sad news about Jenni and I am sure that it will bring some cheer to her.