Thursday, 2 February 2012

Dotty Maureen's Quilt

Dotty Maureen sent me an email on Tuesday informing me that it would be a sandwich day at our Quilt Cave meeting, so I was able to set out 3 of our tables ready for her arrival. The backing fabric was a bit 'pinch fit' but we can work with that, it just means using extra pins. Annie Pie helped Dotty to pin because she is very kind .... and she was waiting for the tables to make sandwiches of her very own, he he he....
Here's a close up of the quilt. You can see all the Twiddling and Fiddling Dotty had to do, she often incorporates Twiddling and Fiddling in her projects, a big fan of Jennie Rayment's patterns. Also, I'd like you to look at Dotty's corner stones... such a simple thing but I was super impressed, she cut the squares on the bias, she's had to be careful not to distort them, they're little devils those bias cuts... but isn't it effective!

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Maggi said...

Looks lovely and the corner stones really are effective. Great fabric.