Monday, 6 February 2012

My Mum, Gwynneth's Quilt

My Mum, Gwynneth, made the Maple Leaf blocks in no time at all... it's a very easy block to piece, it's just squares and Half Square Triangles (HST's) plus that little stem block. Then came the sashing strips, that's where My Mum took the most time, carefully getting the colour strips evenly spread out, trying not to get dark areas or areas too bright... hasn't she done a great job!
She wanted a neutral border but needed the quilt to be quite a lot bigger. The wide cream border didn't look right... whilst pondering our options, I noticed a pile of left over sashing strips... as you can see, Mum sorted out the colours so that the greens run into the browns and on to the orange-y reds. The wide cream fabric was slashed, the colourful strip inserted and Bob's Your Uncle! (actually he's my brother but hey ho!) just a simple 1 inch strip of colour made so much difference... now the quilt is a perfect size and is ready for making into a sandwich... She booked tables for Wednesday!

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