Friday, 17 February 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Dotty Maureen, talk about a quilting whiz. does anyone make as many quilts as she does? I don't think so actually... This Pineapple design is very clever, first of all she made triangle blocks then she sliced them up and switched them around, of course then Dotty stitched them back together again, are you following?? There's a video here ... tis a very clever method isn't it. Dotty confessed to a new addiction called You Tube!

Krafty Karen must be nearly finished with her quilting as we can see the borders have stitching on them.. always the final stage... Poor Karen has workmen in her house, along with sick men folk of the family... not a good recipe for finding any stitching time! She surely enjoyed her peace and quiet... not that it's quiet with a bunch of quilters in one room... no drills & no hammers though...

Chatty Cathy is still making blocks with her scrap fabrics. She's determined to master accurate cutting and the perfect scant quarter inch seam. All these blocks are different sizes which isn't a problem... once she's finished practising we can play a game... a puzzle game, it's a bit like 'square pegs in round holes' ha ha ha some how they will fit together!

That's all folks, a measly 3 pictures, actually, 4 if you count the £2 quilt from the last post... I'm still mad about that beauty....
We meet again today, 17th February, 10am - 3pm, as usual. If everything goes to plan, I will take photographs to show you... might just be safer to come on over to see everything for your very own self... it never seems to go to plan! ha ha ha

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AlmaRosa said...

Wow, love Dotty Maureen's pineapple quilt! did she figure it all out from the video or did she have to buy the book? it is gorgeous.