Saturday, 25 February 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Lynda finished her Pineapple Blossom quilt top. This picture was taken before the other 3 borders were added though. Can you see what she did for the borders? She practised the very much loved PMS technic (Please My Self) She's making two of these quilts and wanted to use her bonus HST (Half Square Triangles) on both, by placing different sized bricks of fabric in-between the HST she will have just enough and both quilts will look fabulous. Lynda also made a sandwich with this top before she went home.

Christine had finished all of her quilting and was ready to trim. She's been quilting for quite a few years and had never been shown how to trim the excess fabric and wadding, a quick "How To" from yours truly and she was an expert already... She was also impressed with the "How To" I showed her for making a perfect sandwich, I guess we could say trimming the quilt is like 'cutting the unwanted crusts off' ha ha ha

Maid Marion, now don't laugh, it's something that could happen to anyone really (go on, I laughed a lot, it's really quite funny, he he he) Marion had planned to do all the fiddly Cross Hatch quilting on this triangle block. So as not to waste time at Quilt Cave drawing lines, she decided to get all of them drawn the night before, great idea eh... except she had used her Sewline Air Erasable pen... I bet you can guess the rest... and I bet you are laughing!

New Sue's Teddy Quads... they are almost finished, all the background areas have been free motion quilted. She did some shadow quilting on the various parts of the teddies to give them a little definition, like the inside of the ear and outlining the waistcoats and trousers. She's also done a little micro quilting.

Late Sue's already got her next project decided, which is a good thing as she's just about finished all the quilting on this lovely Pineapple Blossom, she's done loads of free motion quilting on it which looks especially good on the back where she's used a delicious aboriginal dot design, I think it's a Fassett one. Next step will be faux piped binding.

Jenny Barlaston won most of these blocks at the last SPQ evening at the beginning of February. She made up an extra 9 blocks giving her enough to be able to get this Barn Raising design, I love the Log Cabin quilts, they're timeless, traditional and so now too!

Joan The Shop had her pieced backing ready so we were all able to help her make a sandwich. This is half of the quilt as Joan is using the Apartment method, stitching the quilted halves together once they are completed. Joan finds free motion quilting so much easier to do than using the walking foot because she has 'dicky' shoulders and the pulling and pushing needed to get the quilt through the machine hole can be avoided.

Helen's commission quilt centre has all the sashing now so we did the 'mathemisms' to calculate how much more fabric she needs to make 28 x 9" Saw Tooth blocks which will be used as the pieced border... the problem is, each block needs 3 HST (Half Square Triangles) and Helen detests making them, he he he... poor Helen, you only need about... 90!!!

We meet again on Wednesday 29th February. 10am - 3pm and Friday, of course... but that won't be until March... daffodil time!

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