Saturday, 11 February 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

What a day!!!  We had to deal with black ice... I slid out of my driveway, slid out of my road but, thanks to some guys throwing down sand, succeeded in reaching the main road, which had been treated. What a journey it was though. There were cars sliding all over the place... very scary indeed. I hadn't expected anyone to turn up at Caverswall Quilt Cave. How wrong I was... us quilters will battle through anything rather than miss a fun stitchy day!
 I was kept extremely busy all day long so... it's mean pickings once again on the photos.
This block belongs to Joan The Shop. She needs 16 of them for the quilt she's making, you can just see that number 2 block is ready for it's Saw Tooth border and, as the Half Square Triangles (HST) are already made,  it too will be finished very soon.
Dotty Maureen was very productive, busy all day. She finished off the little table mats by turning the backing over to be the binding, it was really wide and suited the mats very nicely indeed... twas quite nifty! In this picture you can see the other quilt Dotty's almost finished with Twiddling and Fiddling which she does very well, it makes a great design don't you think?

New Sue had finished making her Teddy Quads at home, they look so cute with their eyes and noses in place don't they? (for those of you asking me, the pattern is in a Jelly Roll book and I'm not sure which one) Sue arrived ready to make a sandwich. She had to piece the backing first, most of us do that. You can buy extra wide fabrics for backing quilts, but we choose to piece them. Sue attached her brand new walking foot and spent the rest of the day quilting.

Lynda has 20 of the Pineapple Blossom blocks completed. She's just decided that the quilt is going to big enough without making more so it's time to start joining them all together. There will be a few blocks left over and they will look great incorporated in the backing. Lynda was auditioning fabrics for the sashings. She tried every colour and liked this purple best of all.

That's it, 4 pictures... I told you we were busy! We meet again on Wednesday 15th and Friday 17th February. 10am - 3pm as usual.

If you missed the PAT testing man, and lots of you did because of the treacherous conditions... He's coming back in April, I'll let you know the details nearer the time. If you have somewhere else you can get your machines tested, I urge you to do so. Yesterday 4 machines had the wrong size fuse in the plug. One sewing machine failed the test because it had an earth leak, a good recipe for an electric shock, and one sewing machine had a dangerous plug, and that's from testing only 18 machines!

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Annabelle said...

Never heard of PAT test!
It is icy and treacherous here in London too although it is usually cleared by around 9am through force of traffic. What industrious ladies you have there.I love the binding on the mats. xx