Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Oh what a wonderful, fun filled day we had. Usually the ladies start to drip into Caverswall Village hall from about 9:40am but today, they arrived just as if they had all come on the same coach.. almost all at the very same moment, it felt like party time, yeeeha We were very busy all day. All the tables were used and, rather than wait for a space we used the stage as a design area... At the bottom of the photo there's Helen's Log Cabin blocks, top left is Lacey Anne's quilt top, she was making a pieced backing and to the left of the top it's ME! Joan was needing a pieced backing too but she had a very cunning plan... left me with the mathemisms and all the cutting, crafty madam.

Early Sue had had a Jelly Roll gifted to her so she's working on a baby quilt. 4 of the smaller 5" blocks make up each larger block and there will be 6 of those, I'm quite sure they were 10 inches each. The blocks will have a strong pink sashing with a crisp, white corner stone.. very cute and girly indeed.

Maid Marion was doing her Cross Hatch quilting and, once again, she had the benefit of a private lesson from her teacher, Helen... who has made several of these blocks, actually I'm thinking she made only 2.... No need to tie off thousands of threads any more, Helen devised a rather clever trick to save all that time, all she did was to change the order of things... it's a secret, you'll have to come on over if you want to know.. it saves a lot of cursing time too he he he.

Dotty Maureen, I'm sure you'll remember, started this 9-Patch Pineapple only last week... she's made hundreds of the triangles and has them all sliced up.. she's keeping them in very tidy piles so she can chain piece them into blocks... I wonder how big this project will be? Dotty is loving her new Bernina Aurora Baby! She was quite lucky to get one as they have been replaced by a more spruced up version with a matching price tag,

Shirley Lerly wants her quilt to be at least 88 inches square. Using 6inch blocks it's taking a good length of time to get all the blocks complete. Today Shirley seized a moment when the tables were vacant and was able to spread the blocks out... 12 wide by 12 long should do the trick, with borders of course. The 9-Patch blocks have 3 different designs so Shirley needed to have one last count up to know how many more of each to make.

Lizi wasn't able to join us today but she asked her Mum (Shirley Lerly) to buy some of my truly wonderful "Chicken Fabric"... Lizi is going to use it as the lining for this super practical tote bag, what fun to look at little chickens every time you pop something into your bag... sure to bring a smile to the face of the lucky recipient eh!.. It makes me smile every time I look at it...

Lots of other projects to show you but that's enough for this one post. We meet again on Friday 24th February, 10am -3pm as usual. "Table Top Shop, wadding on the side" has started to shrink a little now as lots of the bolts have been put ready for the Angie's New Quilt Shop... that's me... I am a real quilt shop owner... how very exciting eh! Don't worry though, there's still a huge selection at every meeting, should you need... or want anything.

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