Monday, 13 February 2012

Quilty Quarters

Not as bright as you might expect from yours truly in her Quilty Quarters?... There were three carrier bags sitting by my front door, they were stuffed full of "Clothes I don't want any more" not really good enough for the charity shop and so destined for the duster/cloth bucket Fine... we can't keep stuff that doesn't fit can we. In said bags... cotton boxer shorts! Oh, now what a waste of lovely cotton... waste?? Oh NO... not when your Mum's a Quilter!

I cut 'em up, starched 'em and sliced enough 8 1/2" squares to make this simple quilt... in a day! Backed with this very soft denim blue cotton, wadding is Cream Rose... extravagant maybe but it was an off cut. This quilt is very soft. I'm not sure exactly what he (son 22) thought when I gave him the quilt, but his face said "Oh, that's my boxers? eeerrrrrm ewww" ha ha ha... fun eh! The binding is just the excess backing fabric rolled over to the front with three rows of stitching to give it a little 'umph', cheating? Nope... actually it's just PMS (Pleasing My Self)

and finally... months after receiving a request, I made this Kindle pocket for Dave, you have to admit that the fabric is quite perfect for himself! This is the back view, it does have a flap to the front. It's padded with wadding and stiffened with interfacing, some No Name product that I sell for stiffening bags and the like... and I have to admit, I am rather impressed with it.


Annabelle said...

Wonderful stuff. Xx

Annabelle said...

We have enough old clothes to make quilts for the army - any takers? Looks great. xx