Saturday, 18 February 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

A most productive day, once again. It's great to see so many ladies making sandwiches and quilting their own beautiful quilts of all shapes and sizes.
Joan The Shop is making this quilt for her son, he chose the design and now he's waiting for it to be finished, yesterday! Joan's doing her best... the blocks are about 15 inches and with sashing of 3 inches, it's growing fast, Joan only needs 12 blocks in total It's a very colourful project, Joan says it's her best quilt yet... I'm sure she says that with each one... ha ha ha

The top of this picture gives you a sneak preview of my chair.. the one we might get for the classroom side of my shop and on the table there is something My Mum (Gwynneth) and I started to play with. She lays out the blocks every time we meet at Caverswall Village Hall and that's as far as she gets... we're just too busy. The main part of this picture shows Lacey Anne's floor quilt, not a quilt to use on the floor but a Minton floor design, she was working on the borders, they look 3D don't they. This is another occasion when the colours don't show up well in a picture, they're really very rich.

Late Sue finished off her walking foot quilting during the day so was able to make a good start on the free motion bits. The visibility is very good on these Juki Beasts (TL98) It's so much easier to see where you're going and, of course, where you've been. I've just noticed the colour co-ordinated gloves Sue's using... very chic eh!
Dotty Maureen, can you believe it... she remembered to bring everything she needed and everything she might need to have a fun stitchy day, well, all except her fabrics... this could only mean one thing... buy more fabric and start ANOTHER project! Cubes... this time for a baby quilt, imagine finding jungle animals in your boxes!

Helen has been commissioned once again... she was asked to make this quilt for a teacher at a local school. It's based on the Lilly's Colours quilt (picture in the side bar to the left of this blog)... I know! looks reeeeally different with this colour way doesn't it. Helen is not a big fan of piecing, which is a shame as she's very good at it, she's sure to complain about all the half square triangles she'll need for the Saw Tooth border.
Last minute Chris has also been commissioned to make some small quilts, My mum has two waiting and Annie Pie has a list of orders... people must think we're running a sweat shop! ha ha ha. Looks like quilts are great fashion items these days Yeeeeeehaaa finally!

We meet again on Wednesday 22nd and Friday 24th February, 10am - 3pm as usual. I will be a real quilt shop owner by then... there won't be anything in it, apart from cleaning things and mess, but a shop owner all the same! "Table Top Shop, 4 kinds of wadding on the side" will continue to wait for you at Caverswall Village Hall for a few more weeks if you'd like to pop over... I'm sure to have something you didn't know that you needed!

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I wish the shop (and its owner) fame and fortune. Do -post some