Saturday 13 April 2013

Catching Up On Lots Of Stitching News

New Sue finished another quilt, she assures me there are no helpful elves and all the work is done by her very own self... Toot toot toot Sue, it's splendid... as usual. I'm hoping you will all be able to see the superb quilting Sue did. It's a great design for large quilts too as diagonally, there's less fabric to fit into the machine 'hole'. 
Rose had one half of her Bargello table runner completed, worked and finished the second half  and a 'made to specifics' centre strip was pieced too. Once the three bits are stitched together we can work out a design that might work to make the project longer, in a most spectacular way!
Krafty Karen finished stitching her Cathedral-ly Window-y bits so was able to stitch her blocks together. This top has been made with two Charm packs in Christmas prints and Karen has thoroughly enjoyed making it so far. It's the 10 Minute Block design... a favourite of ours.
Sally arrived beaming with happiness as it was sandwich day... a day she says she thought would never come! It came, and two boxes of safety pins later... Sally started her quilting... it is tricky on a large quilt but...
You Can Do It Sally!!!
Lynda recently finished making a Pineapple Blossom quilt and was able to make this amazing cushion out of all her left over bits. She added 'bling' too, perfect for a teenager eh!
When Chatty Cathy started making these blocks, she declared that she had loads of time, she didn't care how long they took, she wanted them accurate and perfect... They've actually taken no time at all and they are... accurate and perfect! Time for the sashing to be added to four quarters as Cathy will be Apartment quilting this one.
Sheila's scraps are looking amazing, don't you think?
The Crumbs and Mile-A-Minute workshop she attended at My Very Own Quilt Shop has inspired Sheila enormously... one day a box of bits, another day... stunning quilt blocks being trimmed ready to make an amazing quilt top...
All these fabrics could have been chucked into the unmentionable container by the door!
Chris The Foot is back from her travels... Clarice had her sashing strips finished and the first of the borders added... clever Mr. Black makes all the beautiful colours pop once again.
This pattern is free to download from the Fabric Freedom website.

Wendy sandwiched this quilt last week but I missed getting a good picture for you as I had no camera. The pattern is from a Bargello book, a different kind of Bargello this time but fabulous all the same.
Giggly Gillian also sees her scraps with renewed interest since attending the Crumbs and Mile-a-Minute workshop... Is it beginning to sound like advertising? he he he... I'm not really trying to advertise... it's all based on true fact... the ladies loved it!
Princess Jackie ordered the quilt pattern from the USA after admiring the quilt I made ages ago with a lovely lady named Jacquie in Mexico City... She was my very first inspiration in quilting... all those years ago.
It gets a little addictive making the gorgeous blocks... as you can see, Jackie made quite a few already.
It's a long post I know but I think it just about leaves you caught up on the quilty happenings so far this week. Thanks for all your concern about the recent gremlins that moved into my body... they're moving out now... I'm almost back to normal... whatever that is!
More later... it's a workshop Saturday!

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