Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Stitching News.. In A Flash

Chris finished her baby play quilt. It's a pattern from the book Two From One Jelly Roll but Chris used yardage, from my very own quilt shop!
She very much enjoyed making the quilt so is about to start another, 

exactly the same but... completely different... 
wait till you see it next week!!
For now, Tootety toot for Chris's finished, beautiful quilt
Cynthia has a few project on the go at the same time, she knits to order too... I'm thinking she knows where New Sue keeps those little helpful elves! This is Cynth's Log Cabin so far... splendid eh....
And this is Cynthia's stunning Bargello quilt in progress. It's ready for the outer borders, which will be grey Batik and looks absolutely fabulous. She's making Cathedral window blocks too...
The paler fabrics are Art Gallery, have you felt the difference?

Morning Judith used up her left over strip set from making her splendid Bargello quilt, which I don't seem to have a picture of, to make this lovely little cushion. Judith quilted all morning on her Bargello Garden so there'll be finished tooting very soon.
This is a little baby play mat that Judith made from her little stash. It's finished and ready to be gifted... Toot toot Judith, do you have helpful elves too?
Penelope Baskerville's Bargello Rainbow... absolutely stunning!
What a  fabulous border treatment!
It's time for sandwiching and quilting. These Bargello quilts are turning out so very different from each other and every one is fabulous..
 I'm hoping that we can have a display of them on my very own classroom walls... now that will be worth you popping in to see... I'll let you know if it happens


starflash quilts said...

I love Chris's churn dash pink variation. I'm squirreling ideas for my own churn dash, the green corner squares really pop,lovely job Chris!

Cathy1946 said...

I agree with Sally, Chris's churn dash pink variation is fabulous. It is bright, different and very pleasing on the eye. Imagine what it would look like in other colours. It is giving my ideas for the future. Chatty Cathy