Thursday 18 April 2013

Stitching News

Giggly Gillian had been watching over Princess Jackie as she made her little duckling quilt a few weeks ago...  the urge to make a duckling took over...
"One duckling went swimming one day, over the quilt and far away.
 Gillian duck said "Quack quack quack and the duck landed on a cushion!
 ha ha ha... couldn't help myself.

Three Jelly Rolls make two single quilts, with enough strips to make fabulous backings. New Sue pieced the backing and, just had time to make one sandwich. She did make two quilts and the second is almost finished too. 
Oh my goodness, Rose did it again, a breath taking Bargello table runner.
Careful planning and stitching was needed to get the little dark blue square to land in the middle. It's sandwich time for Rose first thing next class.
By the way... what a fabulous corner shot of my very own quilt shop!!

One of the advantages of going to regular patchwork and quilting classes is watching what everyone is working on, their colour and fabric choices and how tricky a project is, or not. The Bargello quilts look way more tricky than they actually are... now that Gillian saw Rose cope well with her latest Bargello, she is going to make one.
Not the same at all... but a superb Bargello 'nother pattern.
Maggie finished this... but it's not a quilt top, it's the backing to her Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope quilt. WOW... she's been working on it for quite a while, just as an artist would I guess. It's a good job Maggie plans to machine quilt this one, imagine hand quilting with all those seams back and front?
This is Chatty Cathy having a quick lesson from Helen on how to piece all the segments together.  Sew this to this, then sew that to that... you know how it goes. They're a lovely lot at Caverswall Quilt Cave, they all help each other when they can.
Ta Daaah, Chris The Foot finished her Clarice Cliffe quilt top. It won't be sandwiched just yet though as all of Chris's safety pins are used up on other projects that are waiting to be quilted... now how weird is that?? Not.

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