Thursday 25 April 2013

Stitching News

Wendy loves to make art quilts... and no wonder really because for sure, without any doubt and most definitely... She's a very talented lady!
There's so much detail in this beauty, I hope you can see it?

Maggie spied her opportunity and started the sandwiching process. She wanted it carefully and precisely done so... after laying it all out as you see here... she went for lunch! Revived, fed and watered... it was pinned before going home time.

This is a funny angle for you... sometimes quilts are so big that I can't get them into my camera. Two million pins later, Helen rolled it up not wanting to start a new task... now she gets to do the quilting... her favourite part of the whole quilt making process.

My Wife Beth joined us for the first time. She had started to make this cute little patchwork dog at home and, with a few 'hopefully helpful' tips, she took him home ready for stuffing.

Chatty Cathy has all of her four quarters sewn together so she needed to make the four quarter sandwiches (square ones... not those posh little triangles you have for Sunday tea! ha ha) She put a few more pins in after the picture was taken, just to keep the centre more stable.

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Sue said...

I love Wendy's art quilt it's magical. You are a very clever lady Wendy.