Sunday 14 April 2013

Stitching News

I hope you didn't spend all of yesterday evening waiting for the promised Workshop post? That naughty new camera of mine was so lazy! It stayed asleep in my apron pocket all day!
The very arty 'Miss' (Jane Lockley) was teaching the ladies how to do all sorts of wonderful things while I played shop keeper... a change of jobs for me. I had thought that, in between customers popping in, I would watch Miss Jane, listen and pick up all sorts of tips and how to's. Instead, and I am very happy to report, I really did play shop all day, the sunshine with temperatures above freezing brought quilters from afar and that kept me quite busy. You'd think for all that money spent, my camera might have taught itself to wander round snapping inspirational photos for me, for you!!! ha ha ha 
So, apple-ogolies for the lack of workshop piccies.
Luckily I found two projects on the memory card from Friday Quilt Club, which was otherwise, another photo taking failure!

Jenny Barlaston has been hand piecing this project for as long as I have known her. It's lovely to have a hand piecing project to work on in between machine work, don't you think ? (Don't answer that Helen!) Click on the picture, you will see lovely work with beautiful fabrics!
Sporty Sue started another project from her Jelly Roll Sampler book... black and white... fabulous isn't it? The blocks are quite large and there are a lot of pieced bits in each one but very well worth the work... Loving this one.

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Maggi said...

Jenny' piece is gorgeous and I like Sue's sampler. There's always something very sophisticated about black an white - not that I know anything about sophistication of course.