Thursday, 25 April 2013

Fran arrived with a pile of finished blocks and asked the big question
"What do I do now?" Some blocks were being a little awkward as they had been stitched with a different seam allowance... so the answer was...
"We Fudge!"
Looking at the finished quilt centre, you would never have known would you.
Rose not only sandwiched her quilt... she soon attached her walking foot and quilted the day away, undisturbed except for a little chatter and a few giggles... 
and I'm sure you know what luxury that is!
Princess Jackie admitted that she's been totally hooked on making her Snowman Collector quilt blocks. She's fussy cutting fabrics for every piece to get the desired effect, the extra attention to detail is worth it... every block is fabulous.

Giggly Gillian spent the first part of her day (booking a morning class and an afternoon session  gives a full day of stitchy pleasure) finishing off her cutetty-cute little duck cushion.

With a fun little detail on the back, 'Bottoms up'... the idea borrowed from Princess Jackie's 'Bunt'. Gillian then cut the strips for her Bargello, a slightly different way of making this one... it'll tax our brain cells for sure!

Early Sue came to play and not only started her quilting, she almost finished it... all in the one stitching session... all day actually so it was two classes. Just a line or two for the outer border to stitch. Binding purchased and ready to be added... this quilt will be ready for tooting very soon... providing 'Life' doesn't get in the way! he he he

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