Tuesday 23 April 2013

Stitching News

This quilt belongs to Morning Judith. It's been made with the very same pattern that New Sue used here's the post with a picture of it, blues and creams 
Judith used strips cut from left over fabrics, making up her very own jelly roll,
 Sue used an Indigo Crossing Jelly Roll from Moda.
 How very different they look don't they?
Yet they are exactly the same really!

Penelope Baskerville spent her time free motion quilting,
Up and down and up and down with the most fabulous Rainbow thread....... see the back of Pennelope's quilt below, this is excellent practice for free motion designs. I'm thinking this quilt is going to make one little girl very... very happy.

Chris's kiddy play mat (quilt)... bright, no doubt about that and I love it!
Chris had cut out the fabrics at home and put the bits for each block in a little bag, like a kit so that she didn't get muddled up. There are two different blocks in the quilt and the pieces for each are similar.

AnnBacan sashed and bordered her Crumb blocks, sandwiched and started quilting using her walking foot... with points and bellies drawn on with a little template we made. The template was a bit too big so it created quite a nifty little corner loop, I'll get a close-up next time.
PM Pam had made Mile -A-Minute blocks, some with Crumb centres. She sees scraps and left over fabrics with much excitement since coming to the workshop...
and no wonder... Just look at the beautiful sandwich she made!!!

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