Friday, 19 April 2013

Stitching News

Brenda Barbara's latest project is coming along very nicely. The fussy cut diamonds give a most splendid centre, don't you think? By the time Brenda finishes this quilt, she will be an expert with 'Y' seams
Michelle My Belle came for her second class and boy is she happy with her project. She spent the last part of the day quilting it so, I'm thinking this one will be finished next week. Wonder what she will make next.
Lynn Scatterpin... and she does, she scattered her pins everywhere! he he he. Lyn's first class was booked for the morning session... and she stayed all day, that happens a lot in my very own classroom... it's not the room though, it's the general 'fun-ness and quilty-happy-chattery-ness' of crafting and making... folk just don't want to go home!
Annbacan continued on her fabulous seasonal calendar. Lots of appliqué stitching giving a most wonderful background rhythm to our day... you could almost dance to some of the stitch rhythms couldn't you...
awww we had a great day all in all. 

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