Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hooray For Geoff

I just about ran out of space for displaying the Moda Layer Cakes... a wrapped pile of 42 x 10" squares of a series of fabrics. They can be stacked, but then you can't see them properly. They can be laid out over a shelf but hooooolyhoo they take up a lot of space, and you know I don't have much of that left at all... anywhere, don't you.
Lady Judith's hubby... came to pick up Lady Judith (a Lady has to have a chauffeur!) after class one day, just as I was puzzling over where I would put the latest set of Layer Cakes. 
"I know what I need..." 
"What's that?" asked the victim Geoff 
"One of those shoe stands, you know... they're in all the shoe shops. They tip the shoes up so you can see them and they have little walls at the end to stop the shoes falling off. Of course it would be a small version... hmmmm... actually, maybe I could use a double one."
"Really... well, that doesn't sound too difficult" he replied "Have you got a tape measure?"
Well of course I had a tape measure...
Look what Clever Mr. Geoff made for my very own Layer Cakes!!!! 
I love it!!! love it... love it!
It fits perfectly alongside all the thread doofas, still leaving enough space in front to display some of the very popular, Moda Charm Packs
A view from further back to give scale to the fantastic display.
I bet you spotted that I still haven't taken the Birthday Bunting down!
I hope you don't think I'm shockingly lazy!
It's just that I've been busy and there are people are still coming to see it. 
Maybe I will take it down this weekend while you're all at the Uttoxeter Quilt Show!
I hope you take note of your show programme, especially the back page!

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Helen said...

Really great job and amongst those lovely threads. You have the Mettler threads now. Bjs