Friday, 12 April 2013

The Chocolate Fish Quilt... Story Revealed

It's time to tell you about Joan The Shop's latest finished quilt... the one we have had to continue calling The Chocolate Fish Quilt. As you might have noticed, each block has been made using different 'interesting' fabrics. If you haven't seen that during the making process, click on the image and take a closer look. This quilt has been planned and made as a surprise for Joan's brother and his wife. Each fabric represents something in their life. They eat healthily so Joan included the fruit and vegetables  They love France, there are French themes. Country and Western, there's both the clothing and the music represented. They enjoy chocolate, real chocolate so that explains the first block. They read so there's book fabric and so on... wine, guitars, cats, coffee, golf bread, and the mouse-y favourite CHEESE. This quilt has been a roller coaster of a ride for Joan... what with the months of collecting the right fabrics from all over the internet and quilt shows, the sheer size of the quilt and the Mouse episode. It's all been made and quilted in separate pieces, apartment quilting. Joan had begun to feel she would never finish working on it... but once the pieces were all together and the binding was stitched on... she perked up and, on finishing the very last stitch, she announced 'I really quite like it'.
Toot Toot Tootety Toot Joan... what an achievement!

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