Monday 29 April 2013

What did you think?

Were you able to go to the Uttoxeter Quilt Show this last weekend? I was there on Friday and Sunday wearing my volunteer hat and being ever so helpful! I guess some people thought I was annoying, in fact one lady made it quite clear that she thought I was rude! Moi?... but, in general, I think I was put to good use.
We're so lucky to have a quilt show close to us each year... but quilters will travel! I met people from near, far and very far.
This year there were lots of changes to the show we've been used to and I was wondering... What did YOU think? I would love to hear from you if you have something to say about the show, please email me

Did you notice my wonderful advert for Angie'a Patchwork and Quilting Shop on the back of the show programme??? I chose the picture you voted for, thank you for helping me.


SewLittleToSay said...

I went on Sunday and really enjoyed the lack of crowds (but perhaps the organisers and traders will not have been as keen). Maybe it was quiet as it was the last day, but it made seeing the stalls and quilts much easier. I did one of the workshops and liked being in a private room rather than on public display as at other shows. Getting between the different buildings could have been a problem if the weather had been wet, but we just got slightly windswept.

Maggi said...

I enjoyed the new layout of the show and thought that they had done a good job overall. A few little tweaks needed but it was an enormous learning curve for Angela and her team.
You rude, definitely not. The lady who thought you were rude should have been there at the end when they were waiting to get their quilts back. It's like a red mist descends on them and normally friendly quilters become monsters!

Tracey said...

Thanky ou sooo much for stepping in to man my booth for a loo stop! What a star!