Thursday 25 February 2010

Alton Quilters

On Monday afternoon I went to meet up with the Alton quilters. We haven't had a meeting for ages, first the Christmas holiday season kicked in followed by the New Year (as usual! he he he) then there was the snow , then there was snow, then the snow, he he he. There was snow on Monday too, but not enough to stop us gathering this time!
I am a 'new girl', this group goes way back and has been meeting in each others houses for ages... After the quilt show we decided to ask whether it would be possible to use the room in the church for our gatherings... the idea was to be able to get more sewing done and maybe to have more ladies join us. So here we sit making plans.... waiting for the kettle to boil too!
Maxine brought in a scrap quilt that she has recently machine quilted... tis fab! That's it on the table....
Maxine also confessed to owning a lot of UFO's and has decided to go on a mission to finish them, all of them!
This is one of them, great colours!... the top is finished so it only needs to be sandwiched and quilted, I bet it will be done for our next meeting, which will be Monday 8th March, so Maxine has two weeks to do it.....
Ok Maxine.... this is an official challange!! he he he

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