Saturday 27 February 2010

Forsbrook Quilt Group

It was a very exciting day for Brenda, not only did she learn to fudge using corner stones but she made her quilt sandwich and started on the quilting using her new walking foot. The batting is polyester and very 'poofy' so it is a little more difficult to sew, but she is getting on very well and may even do a bit more at home.
Joan The Shop did bring a bit of her shop this week, he he he.... She put her original Rail Fence table runner to one side as she has been busy at home making this practice quilt. She wanted to perfect her cutting skills you see, and rather than cutting for the sake of cutting she decided to piece this small quilt. Joan is wondering how on earth we quilt large quilts on these small domestic machines... he he he, I told her not to worry about that... we just do and I will help her to figure it out in time....
....but she cannot take too much time to do the figuring out.... these two blocks are the start of a double bed sized quilt!! Joan The Shop joined my group three weeks ago and already has 4 quilts on the go! She says the men in her life haven't eaten for weeks!!! ha ha ha

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