Wednesday 17 February 2010

Frankie's Monkeys

Frankie wrote to say that I had inspired her with my Wonky Blocks quilt.. I thought she was very sweet to make such a lovely comment... but WOW look what she made!!! She took the idea a whole step further, I love how she chopped the little corners off each block, very effective, don't you think.. and that lovely bright red, thin border is so perfect... sorry, I'm gushing aren't I?... It's not every day I inspire people... I feel rather special!
Each Funky Monkey centre block has been fussy cut... they look like they all have their own little window.....
Do you think these little monkeys have had their lips done? I do! he he he
There's been a lot of snow where Frankie lives so she had no choice but to stay home stitching.... what a terrible predicament eh.... NOT! each block is 10" square....
This quilt is for Frankie's newest grand baby, what a very lucky guy eh! He isn't quite with us yet but by the time he joins us in this big, wide, quilty world, this quilt will be finished and waiting for him.

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