Monday 15 February 2010

Utoxeter Quilt Class

Ian and Liz had cut all of their 4" squares at home in preparation for their marathon of making Half Square Triangles (HST's) 72 for the border blocks and 24 for the main centre blocks... each.
These are some of Ian's, he chose to use autumnal (now that is a funny word, eh) colours, the contrast is fabulous, the HST's with the orange swirl fabric are for the centre blocks. He couldn't do any more of his project because he wants to have much more control over the fabric placements. See..... I am a "throw it in and love it" kind of quilter and Ian is most definitely NOT... he wants, and will have, total control!! It will be much more stressful but, hey... it is his project... he should do it exactly how he wants to,right?.... so he will be drawing it all onto squared paper and getting out his colouring pencils and planning! next week we should see the results.
This is what we got Ian to do next.... there's no point in him sitting doing nothing is there... Liz was chuffed to have her very own stitching staff! This also will serve as evidence that she did have help, if/when she finishes first... I know it's not a race.... not sure they see it that way though!
These are Liz's colours, various shades of green, how funny that out of the 7 people making this project right now, 3 have chosen to use greens... they are very calming shades of green too, quilting therapy? Anyway, Liz would have a lot more blocks done if she had not asked Ian to give his thoughts... he planted a seed in Liz's head that the blocks would look 'better' with the greens in a different order... the seed grew into the idea and all was unstitched and re-sewn in a different order.... I wonder whether I could liberate these two a little? What do you think?

We meet again, at the Bank House Hotel next Sunday, 21st February.... when, hopefully, production will resume!! he he he. Don't worry, Ian and Liz are really enjoying themselves.

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