Saturday 13 February 2010

The Turquoise Thing

I'm pleased to show you how very cunning I've been with this project... remember I wanted it bigger.... wider and not a lot longer?... tadaaaa, this is what I've done. It doesn't mean I am a genius or anything but I quite like it actually... very balanced, in a slightly wonky way... perfect!
The backing is ready, I do like mine to co-ordinate with the front, if I can of course, and I much prefer to piece a few fabrics together, adding a little more interest... using up a little of my fabulous stash, these are from my never ending Brazilian fabrics.
So, I am ready to make the sandwich. These are the threads I will use. On the right is Aurifil, fantastic thread, a dream to quilt with, it will be on top. On the left, Cotty thread... I can only use this in the bobbin because, no matter how hard I try, it will NOT sew nicely on my Aurora... not just this one spool, almost every one I have can only be used in my bobbin... weird eh!

and one of us is getting fed up of waiting... EVERY flippin' time I stand up from the machine she jumps up too, wagging the question, "now is it, are we going now?" ... so I am going now, I can't stand it any longer.... ha ha ha


Helen said...

Love the colours very spring like. Maybe that explains why my tension is going funny whilst trying to do my Hidden Wells! Bjs Helen

Angie said...

Hi Helen, it probably is, not sure why some sew OK and some just will NOT play nice... try a different make, if your tension is Ok then, for sure it's the Cotty stuff.