Tuesday 9 February 2010

A brilliant day today. 5 ladies, and yours truly (of course I am a lady too!) making 6 of us. We have been meeting for a while now and it shows, if you could hear some of the conversations, you would know what I mean... a laugh a minute!
Gilllian has to work on the other side of the room as she is easily distracted, she says, I think she just loves to have two tables to herself! She is working on her Saw Tooth borders, 72 HSTs.. almost done now....
Lizzie has done a lot of stitching at home so she was able to make her sandwich today. I very cheekily asked the hotel to let us use another room for that... they have funny shaped tables in there so we had to improvise a bit
But that was fine, as you can see here Lizzie is now ready to quilt.
Dotty Maureen spied the opportunity, so we made her sandwich too. We all had back ache by the time we had finished the two though. fortunately t'was tea break time....
Messy Maureen, who was very tidy today...) did lots of quilting today. She had to switch between blue and white threads, to keep the crisp theme going. She used polyester batting so it is good and poofy, with it draped on her knees to tie the ends off, she had big rosy cheeks too!
Maureen bought her Pineapple Blossom quilt top to inspire us all... guess what the ladies want to make next?
I am a bit surprised at how fast we are moving along with this group... they love it.

Next meeting in Uttoxeter is on Sunday 14th, 10am to 3pm.

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