Saturday 20 February 2010

Forsbrook Quilt Group

Joan The Shop didn't bring her fabric stash today, so her new name might not stick, he he he. She finished the top of her quilt and we had great confusion about the batting.... just because I call it 'batting' and in the UK it is better known as 'wadding', which I can't get used to... but 'batting'' sounds like 'backing'... which led to the start of the confusion... we discussed 'borders' and 'binding'... more confusion... he he he, we will get there... in the end.
Brenda decided to add another strip to her quilt so that it could be a baby quilt instead of a table runner. She made the 'classic' mistake of cutting the blocks to 6" instead of 5" by using the width of the ruler, she was concentrating so hard on getting everything level and the seams lined up you see... I assured her we ALL make that mistake..... not to worry, at least 6" can be trimmed to 5" so all was not lost, we were only the 0ne block short so it was time to learn another method of fudging, can't do without fudging can we?
Jenni has the top centre complete, she spent the day making the 72 Half Square Triangles (HST) and cutting all the background for the Saw Tooth borders.

We decided to have lunch delivered to us, for the first week we all went down to the restaurant, ate in luxury... now, only on week 3, we are back to 'eat quick and back to the machines'... he he he, quilting is such a fun, compulsive, addiction.. he he he

We meet agian again at Heath House Farm in Forsbrook next Friday, 26th February... the end of February already!!!!

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Jandi said...

They all look great! Thanks for sharing. Methods of fudging are a must for every quilter.