Monday 8 February 2010

The Fabric Guild

We, Dotty Maureen and myself, printed off the directions from t'internet and set off... we did really well and got very close to our destination.... until the directions said go straight over next 5 roundabouts (circles).. of course we were chatting away and lost count... he he he, typical women, I know!! but, GPS free we eventually found it!
and Oh my... there was a sale on!! The place was packed with people hunting, laughing and generally enjoying themselves. These photos were taken as we left the warehouse, earlier there were lots more happy shoppers. There is a refreshment corner with tea, coffee and hot chocolate, an assortment of yummy biscuits and lovely ladies to chat too, I think that might be my favourite bit because I LOVE TALKING!!! he he he, have you noticed?
So, to confess....
I know I said I would NOT buy fabrics, but, but, but.... I did buy 4 pieces. They are not for adding to my stash , they are for specific projects that I want to try, so I think they are justified purchases... you agree, right? These batiks were not in the sale though, bummer.
But these stripes were, £3 per yard... there were lots of stripes and checks that I would have loved to have brought home with me... so I was very, very good in only buying these two blue ones. I would have been happy with only a half metre of each but sale fabrics had a minimum 1 yard purchase, what a shame! he he he

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