Sunday 28 February 2010

Uttoxeter Class

You can see Liz likes to work in a very tidy manner. She has decided to make each block individually, start to finish... no chain piecing, but today I showed her the benefit of using a 'pig' (meninas, ainda usas o porcinho!) which seems to have made all the difference to the accuracy for her.
Ian, on the other hand, is chain piecing all of his blocks. As you can see he also likes to be methodic, everything laid out 'just so'... the decision to plan fabric placement worked well and all the blocks are now the same, more or less....
Ian completed 6 blocks today and the remaining 18 are more than half done... all only needing three more strips each...
Liz completed 7 blocks, the centres are done for the remaining 17 too.
It really isn't a race, but they are watching each other's progress all the time...

Ian and Liz have an allotment and today I was treated to 6 small swede and a kilo or so of yummy sprouts! I think it was their version of 'an apple for the teacher'... it worked, I was very helpful to them all day!
We are meeting again on Sunday 14th March, which is Mothers Day... when they will be proud parents of a new Aurora baby!! awwwwwww....

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Birte said...

Hi Ian and Liz
You are really exemplary. You should see my sewingtable!!!
Hi Angie
Please do somethng for my cleverness. What is "pig"????
xxxxxx Birte