Saturday 6 February 2010

Forsbrook Quilting Group

... see, I promised you I wouldn't be alone this week! Jenni and Dotty Maureen came to play. And a new student, Brenda (who I keep mixing up with Barbara? Who's Barbara?... I have no clue, begins with a B... that's all I need for confusion) he he he. We had a fantastic day and got a lot done.
Dotty Maureen managed to finish her quilt top, she is pondering whether to add another black strip border and what to do for a complementary backing. Unfortunately, Dotty Maureen will need to go shopping for that, so we are off to The Fabric Guild tomorrow, a little light shopping therapy should be just the ticket.. I won't buy fabric though...
I won't buy fabric...,
I won't buy fabric...,
I won't buy fabric...,
I won't buy fabric...,
I won't buy fabric...,.... is it working????
I won't buy fabric..... he he he OK, I will try not to buy fabric.


Birte said...

Hi Angie
I hope you had a "happy shopping day".
You have to buy something to see how the quality is,so your students are sure to get good quality.Hehe...
xxxx Birte

Kat said...

Good luck not buying fabric! I've managed to avoid most purchases this week by looking at fliers for next weekend...yikes, I'm going to be spending some money then lol. Don't look at Joann's. Don't do it! :-P