Tuesday 9 February 2010

Angie's Mini-Shop

For my Quilt Cave in Portugal, I always had a mini-shop... a small table in the corner where I would sell supplies, like thread, needles, rulers, bobbins & blades. It is most irritating to find that you can't continue with your project because you ran out of something... or even more annoying, when you forget an important something.
My Mini-Shop never made huge profit, that wasn't the idea, it was all about convenience.
I've decided to start a new "Angie's Mini-Shop" here too. Whilst at the Fabric Guild I purchased a few things to start me off. There were two boxes of pins, I sold one already, I made a penny profit! he he he

The threads though, were stolen, I found the guilty party, so don't worry... They look lovely in my drawer! he he he
Now for each quilty meeting I have another bag to carry... maybe I'll purchase a small donkey?

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