Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave, part 1

Much better day in the photo department, well... at least I took loads... not brilliant quality but  hey ho...
Wendy has finished her Bargello, stunning isn't it! She quilted it in a rather clever way, click on the picture to have  closer look. Today, amongst other things, Wendy hand stitched her binding to the back, now other ladies are getting the urge to make on too. I did the next part demo, making the tube, cutting the strips and unpicking to go up or down... I will repeat this on Friday if you want to see it.
Dotty Maureen had been commissioned to make this bag for Foxy Margaret. It is a lovely design and a pattern Dotty has owned for a while. This is the second bag she made with the pattern and she already started to change things to make it easier. She is such a clever bag lady! Dotty is also working on a baby quilt, a very special one... looks like I didn't get a picture of it though, we will see it in Friday's instalment.
Barbie popped in to show us what she's been up to... She's making this quilt for a lady who is leaving her job as a nursery nurse, cute eh! Barbie has free-motion quilted all round the picture, birds, twigs bunnies and all and she is chuffed to bits because she has 'stayed inside the lines' ha ha ha. She added the lady's name on the top border and completed the look with random letters on the side borders and corners, she had to move one letter though, the lady's name is Esther Box, with a 'P' in the corner it spelled Pester Box, ha ha ha
That's show and tell over with, part 2 will be about progress for today... a cuppa tea first though....

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Maggi said...

I like the quilting on the Bargello - like Moorish arches. Nice bag and quilt. Trust you to notice that 'P'!