Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

As I predicted, Wendy arrived with a big smile on her face... the Bargello table runner top is done... I bet you're not surprised at all! Today Wendy made a sandwich, which didn't take long with it being a small project. She's not sure what she's going to do with it though as it turned out too big for her table, hey ho, I'm sure it will be someone's birthday soon...
For the rest of the day, apart from shopping in my Table Top Shop, Wadding on the side, Wendy was finishing off her set of very posh cushions, oooooh with zips!!! I suffer from "Zip-fobia" so I was very impressed. Did you know that I have "Bag-lexia" too? he he he These have been made with the 10-Minute blocks... very posh cushions indeed.
Irene made this quilt from a pattern in one of the new UK quilt magazines, it's perfect for showing of that gorgeous floral fabric, that's from Table Top Shop too, but it was sold out very quickly... no wonder, it's gorgeous... Irene picked great colour fabrics to set it off, don't you think? This is one of three Lap quilts that Irene plans to make. She also made a sandwich with the quilt top she completed last week, it will be quilted with lovely King Tut Variegated thread.
Annie Pie finished the centre of her Bargello, stunning! She cut fabrics for the borders, 1" brown inner border with a 1/2" cream one followed by the 3" of the lovely floral fabric... beautiful, you know, I think of Neapolitan Ice Cream when I see these colours, can we still buy it these days? The vanilla always got left to last in our house... funny that because vanilla is my first choice these days... I know you don't need to know this... I was down memory lane you see.. tee hee
 Annie Pie also made two sandwiches, here's one, Square Dance, and the other was the large scrappy one she started with Katharine Guerrier... remember last week we were choosing block placement and Annie Pie labeled each one to keep them in order? Well she had a stroke of PMS (Please My Self) when she got home, took one row of blocks out and made an additional red block... hooray for Annie! PMS is good for your sole!!!!

Arty Beryl has no problem at all in pleasing her very own self... she sews up bits and chops them up again to make strips, then she sews them together with a bit of this and a bit of that, she decorated some other fabric with her fancy stitches ready to melt it with her heat gun when she gets home.... like I said PMS full on!
Barbie can't come to play on Friday... something important cropped up. Horrified at the thought of missing her Quilty Fun day, she came today instead... it's easy enough to chop and change days with us. She quickly stitched her backing fabrics together and was able to make a sandwich, she even made a good start on the quilting.

We had 19 bright new fabrics for the Table Top Shop, all at bargain prices for a limited period... until Friday October 14th , if they last that long... after that they'lle go back to the warehouse.
We meet again on Friday, 26th of August, 10am - 3pm and that will be the last Friday of August, September is just around the corner... 'drat and double drat'... the nights are already drawing in... aren't I the bundle of joy? ha ha ha


Maggi said...

Wendy is just so quick. The table top looks gorgeous as does the lovely cushion.
Irene's quilt is just what is needed now that the nights are drawing in. (did you have to remind us!)

I knew Annie's strips were going to look so good made up, right as usual:) The addition of the red in the other quilt is superb too.

Would love to see what Beryl has got up to with her heat gun - you know it is my thing.
I suspect that Barbie will have this quilted by the time she comes next too. They are such a prolific lot of ladies, makes me breathless.

pricillaprecise said...

ahh, Angie, can you tell me why the table runner Wendy is making is labelled Bargello? It is so unlike anything I've seen before that is called Bargello. Have been reading your blog for ages, and enjoy the work being done by your group. Your Mum's work is amazing too.