Thursday, 18 August 2011

Free Motion Quilting

I'm sure we all have our own ways to do free-motion quilting. I  like to quilt with all over patterns, ignoring the patchwork and covering a quilt in doodle-y, curly, zoopy-loopy designs, they're very much fun to do... But...
If I've taken the trouble to piece something fabulous, like the more traditional blocks, I often prefer to use the patchwork design and play with it for quilting, either free motion or with a walking foot. As most of the ladies who come to Caverswall Quilt Cave were complete beginners when they first started coming, they are bound to be influenced by the way I do things. There is ABSOLUTELY NO PRESSURE to do things the way I do, you know I encourage PMS (Pleasing My Self!) but they ask, so I show 'em how I do it.... nothing I do is prize winning standard, I know that but boy do I love doing it.
So, yesterday Helen asked for suggestions on quilting designs for the Charity quilt she's making... but this time she said she was ready for something a little more challenging.
Tracing paper time! Place a piece of tracing paper over the block and begin to doodle possible designs on it, while looking through the paper at the block you've got... as simple as that. Start by following the patchwork until your pencil/eye sees an opportunity to wander off doing it's own thing... when an idea pops up.. change the piece of tracing paper, roughly draw the 'idea lines' again and continue to work with them. This method is not foolproof, there will be over quilting, wonky quilting and wobbly quilting but it is such good practice... Helen is a convert, once she 'got it' she doodled zoopy loopy, swirly twirly lines everywhere, each block gets better and better, because 'Practice Makes Perfect'

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Maggi said...

I'm a great believer in just going with it without too much of a plan most of the time. Looks like Helen is doing a great job so far.