Monday, 1 August 2011

Quilty Quarters

This is a holiday stitching update for you... You're probably looking and wondering where the progress is... you would think I had hardly had any stitching time... sort of true, I have been deciding, wondering, frustrating, swapping and changing, all in my Quilty Quarters, not exactly stitching but making progress all the same.
See the little wonky blocks alongside the main blocks... I decided to cut up some of the darker blocks to use them as possible star centres... I'll probably be working on them today.
I want to quilt the Fishy quilt but I have so many little piles around the room... one flick of a big quilt would create massive confusion for me... it doesn't take much! ha ha ha


Sharon said...

Design walls are great making those many confusing designs. Taking the pieces down, change them around, and right before your very eyes you have so many quilt options it is hard to make a decision.

Maggi said...

The colours in this are just gorgeous.

Javhlan Byamba, Б.Жавхлан said...

looks very bright, I love it. Can it be on my sofa instead of yours :)