Monday, 29 August 2011

Something Good To Know...

Do you have quilt tops at home waiting to be made into sandwiches?
Do you often wish you didn't have to make your quilt sandwich by crawling round on the floor?
Do you put off quilting your project because you don't have space to make your sandwich?
Angie to the rescue...well sort of.... don't get too excited!!!
I'm not suggesting that I do it for you but what I can offer is the table top space.... If you don't want to come to spend a day having fun, stitching with fellow quilters but you would love to use our tables to make a sandwich... do it!
Come make your sandwiches at Caverswall Village Hall (post code - ST11 9ED) 
All you have to do is email, or call me to tell me you how many tables you need so I can put them ready for you.
Is this not a brilliant idea????


Helen said...

Excellent idea. You know what my knees and back are like. Just a shame that it is a bit too far for me to come!! Bjs Helen

gubike said...

:-) I have still minimum 15 unfinished works, I appreciate your offer, but I am 2009 km far from you :-(( .

Maggi said...

Now that is a good idea and might well be the motivation I need to get my bed sized quilt top finished.

Uschi said...

It is a very good idea. It is a pity that you left us here!! We always were so happy to come to your house for "sandwiching".