Sunday, 28 August 2011

Quilty Quarters

Quilting's finished and the binding's on. This quilt is really soft to touch. The Moda fabrics feel quite silky and I used the £6 per metre wadding from Table Top Shop. It's 100% cotton with no scrim. It actually feels a little rough on the roll but it quilts up lovely and phooofs up very nicely around the quilting stitches. It's a little bit whiter than the 80/20 stuff too, which was my main reason for choosing it in the first place. I wanted the whites to stay very white, sometimes a more creamy coloured wadding will show through and spoil the crisp-ness.
There are now two quilts in my binding pile. I have another sandwich ready, the wonky redish, blackish and yellowy one, so I might just start quilting that now and save the binding for my Mum... oooops I mean for later, yes, I'll save the binding for later! ha ha ha

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