Monday, 22 August 2011

Quilty Quarters

My Fishy Bubbles quilt is almost finished, well... the quilting is done. I decided to make a line of random bubbles all round the border, hope you can see them to get the idea... it was an easy decision, I doodled round the appliqué bubbles... and it just came to me, genius? The binding is on and is slowly being stitched, by hand. This will take ages as I can only hold the needle for 5 mins at a time... but it will get done.
I've been noticing that binding done by machine doesn't lie as flat as when it is hand stitched. My Mum (Gwynneth) offered to hand stitch for me, so there is a plan 'B'... lets see how it goes.
I've also done the majority of the 'Ditch Hopping' on this quilt, I might call it 'Star Light, Star Bright, nothing like quilting into the night'... ha ha ha... it went dark while I was quilting... funny how I don't notice the time slipping away whilst playing in my Quilty Quarters. I'm doing this one with the walking foot, the patchwork says it all!

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Maggi said...

Using the bubbles is a great idea to tie in with the applique bubbles bubbles. Doesn't that spotted fabric look good as the background for the stars?