Saturday, 6 August 2011

Quilty Quarters, Bargello

To make one like mine, all you do is...
Cut 3 strips WOF (width of fabric, salvage to salvage) 1 1/2" wide from 10 fabrics, this gives you 30 strips (you can cut 6 strips of 1 1/2" wide if you're using fat quarters) 
You sew them together in strip sets, keeping them in the same order, join the three strip sets together to make one large one, sew the ends of that together making a loop (left of this photo is the looped piece).
Are you still with me??
Then you cut the loop into strips of varying widths. (following a chart)
Next you'll un-stitch a bit, move it up or down a bit, and stitch them together again, easy!... right side of the photo.... really, it's much easier to watch than to read about it.
I haven't cut all the strips because I need to do that for the demo next week at Caverswall Village Hall, we are visual learners you see... it's looking good, don't you think?
More from Quilty Quarters tomorrow...

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Maggi said...

Gorgeous. I love bargello and have seen some really intricate designs.