Friday, 12 August 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Brenda Barbara's 10 Minute Block quilt. This is proving to be a very popular quilt design, click here if you haven't found it yet, and please remember that it works with any size squares, you do not have to use those Layer Cake things. Every one of my ladies has made theirs with different sizes and every one looks fabulous. Brenda's blocks are 8inches. Choosing a strong fabric for those centre Cathedral-ly Window-y bits was a good plan eh! Brenda worked on the borders today, first a thin inner one then irregular rectangles for the main part.

Helen's been quilting all day. First, after coffee of course, she finished all the walking foot stuff, Ditch Hopping! Then was able to start with her very favourite, free-motion quilting. Each block can be done with different designs so Helen was very happy, she loves playing with her Bernina Baby. Most of the designs followed the Patchwork piecing within the block with an arty touch added here and there, and meandering, there has to be a little bit of meandering
Kate has also finished the Ditch Hopping with her walking foot so, she too was free-motion quilting. The appliqué is so pretty that we decided not to spoil it by over quilting. Kate is shadowing the appliqué first of all, then we will review things to see whether more quilting will be a good idea. There are some areas that will look good with a little blue stitching but, for the main part white is just perfect.
Ann had made good progress at home so was much further into her project than when she left us last time. I had some brilliant ideas (I thought) that confused Ann a little, I tell you... if there was an "Ology" you could get for talking and confusing, I would have one, all to my very own self!! She did get loads done today, even though things had been thrown a little by the inaccurately cut Jelly Roll... which didn't help matters at all... it's a good job we allow 'quilty fudge' in the Quilt Cave eh!

Oh, look at this... Lynda is so happy with this quilt. She's working on the borders now. Colourful 'bricks' framed with black... like you can just see there at the top of the picture, they will go all round the quilt top. Each corner will have a yellow square to enhance the yellow centres in the blocks and the whole thing is looking soooo good.

Dotty Maureen, very proudly held up her baby play mat quilt. Each patchwork piece has been traced with a template, even though there are rulers to make these shapes. She wanted to test her accuracy. What a lovely bright quilt it is too, much brighter than my picture I promise you. She chose a fabulous backing so there will probably be a sandwich in the making next time we meet.
A disaster for Gilly.. She has put so much effort into making this Flower Garden Twist quilt... every bit has been very carefully fussy cut, each junction very carefully matched to the next... see how there's half a quilt top here, the disaster? Gilly put the other half in a safe place at home while she went on holiday and now she can't find it anywhere... see, disaster of magnitude!! She has homework you know... find the other blooming half of the lovely quilt or you'll be doing lines Gilly!!!
Barbie brought the centre of this Pineapple Blossom quilt in today, finished. We pondered over the borders, decided on two of them. Barbie cut and sewed the two inner borders and as we laid it out to decide how wide to make the last border, I remembered all the  Bonus HST (Half Square Triangles) that she had, we laid them out in a few different ways and decided on this way, Saw Tooth style, fabulous isn't it!!

We meet again next Wednesday 17th and on Friday 19th August. 10am - 3pm as usual. More new fabrics have arrived, they were waiting for me when I got home.
I doubt I will be able to blog now until Monday. Festival of Quilts has my full attention, you just know that I will be having fun and maybe I will meet you there... I'll be the one with the shiny halo!! ha ha ha... a quilt angel needs a halo!

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Maggi said...

Love Brenda Barbara's blocks. Did she do the centre piece with two different fabrics rather than the one shown on the demo to get that beautiful outline?
Helen's quilt is so colourful and is obviously giving her lots of practice.
Gorgeous applique from Kate. I can understand why she would not want to hurry the quilting decisions.
Lovely greens in Ann's fabric. Unforgiveable for jelly rolls not to be accurately cut.
Love the colours in Lynda's quilt and in Maureen's and that pineapple quilt is gorgeous. Do hope Gilly finds the other half of her quilt as it is so pretty.